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Being diagnosed with and living with a respiratory disease can be a daunting and lonely place to be. Alongside your medical management there are lots of treatment options available to you through Physiotherapy that can help.

At the Hallamshire Physiotherapy Clinic they will complete a comprehensive assessment to identify your symptoms and personal goals and then devise an individualised treatment plan to support you to achieve them. This may include techniques such as breathing control, secretion clearance, advice and education, symptom recognition, relaxation or graded exercise. The aim is to empower you to better understand and manage your symptoms long term and live as full and active life as possible.

Stephanie Blythe is one of the specialist therapists at the Hallamshire Physiotherapy Clinic. She is extensively trained and fully qualified in Cardiac and Respiratory Physiotherapy. If you want to have a chat about whether Respiratory Physiotherapy would be beneficial for you, please contact the clinic.

Following a rebrand last year and the launch of a new website, the Hallamshire Physiotherapy Clinic in Broomhill are pleased to announce the expansion of some of their private specialist treatment areas in addition to their high-quality musculoskeletal, neurological and sports injury treatments.

Director Peter Thomason explained,

“The clinic has always been a centre of excellence for physiotherapy in Sheffield since its formation in 2004 and over the years we have become recognised as Sheffield’s leading ‘specialist’ physiotherapy clinic. Recently we have experienced increased demand for both Respiratory Treatments and Balance/Vestibular Treatments for patients with dizziness issues. We have therefore expanded our team of highly skilled and approachable specialist therapists in treating, educating and advising patients in these areas.”

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