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Greater Trochanter Pain Syndrome

GTPS (Greater trochanter Pain Syndrome) is an umbrella term that encompasses conditions that result in pain in the outside of your hip. Other names for this include trochanteric bursitis or gluteal tendinopathy and it is due to injury, irritation or inflammation to the tissues that surround the outside of your hip.



  • Pain in the outside of the hip
  • Worse with activities such as running, standing or walking
  • Tender to touch
  • Pain when crossing the leg over your body
  • Pain when lying on that side.

This is a common condition that we see in runners and there can be various factors that lead to this pain occurring.

Typically, it is related to overloading the tendons of the hip or increasing training too rapidly.

Hip pain can also be referred from the back.



  • Avoid crossing your legs until the symptoms settle, using a pillow between your knees at night
  • Adjust your running style or consider your footwear
  • Strengthen the hip

See a Physiotherapist at Hallamshire Physiotherapy for a thorough assessment, to determine the factors influencing the pain and how to manage/treat and avoid the pain from returning.

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