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Read some of our reviews and testimonials

At the Hallamshire Physiotherapy Clinic we pride ourselves on our outstanding reputation which speaks for itself. These are just a few of the reviews we have received recently from our patients.


‘Had a fantastic sports massage that really helped ease the tension and pain in my back’

Excellent care from Georgie for my elderly mum who has been very unwell. She visited mum at home at very short notice and took time and trouble to deliver effective care with a compassionate approach. This is greatly appreciated. The reception staff member who helped to facilitate contact with the physiotherapist was also very helpful and friendly.’

‘I was chatting to a fellow rambler yesterday who joined us about 3 years ago. He commented about how much better I was walking and in my general demeanor since he first met me. I also think that I am more than just slowing the progress of my Parkinsons and put most of it down to the PD Warrior classes at Hallamshire Physiotherapy, which I feel are suitably challenging and help me to improve my symptoms, and not just the drugs.’

‘I saw Peter Thomason as I was having pain on my back. It was a brilliant service and I felt a big improvement after my first session. I would strongly recommend him as a great physio.’

‘Matt Thompson has been treating me for around 5 years and without him I think I’d have been unable to train as long as I have. I’m 55 and I train 3 times a week plus. I am also a part-time fitness instructor so Matt helps me to help others. Highly Recommended.’

‘I always get excellent treatment and good advice. It’s very important to keep up with the exercises, but I now feel that I can manage my back pain successfully.’

‘I started seeing Ian mid April under the advice of a surgeon to try to relieve some of the severe pain I was getting when trying to play football. From the first meeting Ian was incredibly helpful; listening carefully to me and what my body was saying. You can tell Ian really thinks about each patient as the level of care and detail he would go into in our appointments was thorough. Fast forward around 6 weeks and under a different surgeon I was going under the knife to fix my issues, with Ian being at the forefront of my recovery post surgery. Since surgery he has helped an unbelievable amount, we work together like a team almost, feeding back what we both think and creating a recovery plan that works specifically for me. Along with my surgery, Ian has helped give me a huge part of my life back and have since been able to go back to playing football pain free. One of the best physio’s I’ve had, and above all else a fantastic person and gentleman, thanks for everything Ian!’

‘I’ve been visiting Hallamshire Physiotherapy for a good 18 months now on a weekly basis for Neuro Rehabilitation. I find it to have a very pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere. The work Karen and Anna do with me is fantastic, carried out in a professional manner. Would highly recommend.’

‘Empathetic and extremely knowledgeable physios that look at you holistically! They take their time, are very thorough and never sell you a set number of visits! Value for money! Cannot recommend enough!’

‘Excellent client care. Pete was professional, caring and supportive. He cured me of a long standing and debilitating condition. Would highly recommend to anyone.’

‘I see Matt Thompson at Hallamshire Physiotherapy. He’s an amazing sports massage therapist. His knowledge of anatomy is outstanding. He not only does massage but suggests exercises and ongoing work for the patient to do between visits. I totally recommend.’

‘Had several sessions here to cure some knee pain absolute first class treatment high recommended. Really know there stuff and excercises given really made a difference.’

‘I was going to keep Hallamshire Physiotherapy to myself!!! But, I can’t keep it in any longer and simply must share. Finding an excellently motivated team such as this is like trying to find the Arkenstone and once you have it you will not let it go unless at the “uttermost end of need”….. My body has been put in positions I didn’t think existed bringing about relief from pain, stiffness, and gaining my strength and confidence to follow an independent life. I have had many assessments these past few years but none have come close to the absolute spot on assessment as given by Karen Hodgson MSc. This charming lady has literally changed my life and direction. I have Parkinson’s and Karen has special skills and outstanding knowledge making her my “go to” for treatment. Don’t think about it just go! Karen and the team offer treatment and advice on many differing areas of need. You will not regret it I can assure you.’

‘This review is for Helen Morewood in the Balance and Dizziness Clinic.
You genuinely changed my life. I would of been completely lost without her guidance, support and skills. She worked with me so I was able to perform at the biggest event in my sporting career, without her I wouldn’t of been able to compete. After the event she then worked tirelessly to bring me back to full health. It was a rocky road but her unwavering support at all hours of the day, night and when she was on holiday, all to make me better.
I’m not eloquent enough to describe correctly the debt of gratitude I owe her. Thank you, Helen, from the bottom of my heart.’

‘Recovering from my 2nd ACL injury, and being at uni isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Pete and everyone I met did the best job possible to help me recover and I am now back feeling confident, strong in my knee, and back in participial sport.’

Excellent sports massage, professional and friendly staff. Handy location.

I’ve seen various NHS and private physios over the years and can honestly say these are the best I’ve been too. Both Ian and Steve that have seen me are nice guys, very professional and have really helped with my back and shoulder problems, thank you!’

‘I had frozen shoulder and was in agony with limited movement and paid private for a hospital consultation to confirm. Private hospital gave me exercises and eventually a steroid injection which helped but shoulder remained stiff and painful. Having been to the Hallamshire physio before for very successful vertigo treatment, I visited again and asked for a deep shoulder massage. After 2 sessions which ended due to covid lockdown I eventually had free movement and shoulder is back to normal. Physio in private hospital would only offer exercise and at the Hallamshire they listened and when I said I felt like I needed someone to help free the tissue etc with massage and joint movement they made a plan, and it was successful. It was sore and uncomfortable for a time, but it worked. Great people. Very professional and good prices.’

‘I have visited Hallamshire Physiotherapy a few times over the years, and I need to say a massive thank you to Matt. Matt is very knowledgeable and professional and really knows what he is doing! Thank you.’

‘Can’t recommend this place enough. I went through desperation with back pain they were so helpful. Recommended to my mum and she is also extremely pleased with the whole experience.’

‘Life changing.’

‘Had 2 trips here and 5 years of hip back leg pain gone, amazing staff.’

‘I popped in to see Steve after tearing my calf muscle again. Steve was very relaxed and in 15 minutes confirmed my calf would heal with the exercises he discussed. Steve then spent the rest of the consultation looking for the cause. My posture and gate having deteriorated since I damaged my right hamstring years ago. More homework. I returned for a follow up check and my life is a great deal less painful. I’ll keep going back to help with my posture and mobility. The calf is slowly mending but it was a good tear.’

‘Easy to get to. On-site parking. Amazing staff… my back thanks you.’

‘Very informative staff (I dealt with Matthew) – they clearly discuss possible causes and treatments beforehand without just carrying out a treatment (as I’ve had with other physio clinics). Very patient, practical, and reassuring.’

I am suffering with dysfunctional breathing syndrome. To date I have had two telephone conversations with the respiratory physiotherapist, I cannot praise her enough. She is understanding, very professional and not patronising. She listened intently as I described my problems and immediately recognised how she could help me. Even before doing the suggested breathing exercises, I felt better knowing that the support and exceptional care was at hand. I have received minutes of our telephone conversations, together with extensive supportive reading materials. I highly recommend the Hallamshire Physiotherapist Clinic and would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the support I have received thus far.’

‘I have had numerous problems over the last 2 years (torn calf muscle, pulled hamstring, knee pain, foot swelling, broken toe) and every time I have come away feeling reassured that my injury will get better with exercises to rehabilitate – surely every runner’s worst nightmare thinking that they’ll never run again. Appointments are available on the day. The opening hours consider people who must work 9-5 and during Covid there have been/continue to be phone and online appointments too. I would highly recommend Hallamshire Physiotherapy.’

‘Steve has helped me hugely in my recovery from a herniated disc. Extremely knowledgeable and supportive – I highly recommend both him and the service as a whole!’

‘Pleasant, friendly staff which created a welcoming environment. Bhanu the physiotherapist was very knowledgeable regarding the PD Warrior programme and delivered the assessment with professionalism whilst making it a happy, positive, enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend. An added advantage is the off-road parking!’

‘Saw Steve, so friendly, extremely professional & knows his stuff, would definitely recommend.’

‘Brilliant and professional care before and after my knee replacement. Steve has made all the difference both physically and emotionally to my recovery. His positive and bespoke approach always leaves me ready to reach for the next goal. Highly recommended.’

‘I was recommended by a consultant to have VRT. Although I live in Glossop, I found it easier to get to Sheffield than to the other side of Manchester. It was a wise decision. Ian was first class never a rush and always considering the other issues I was having. A first-class physiotherapy clinic and one I would most certainly recommend.’

‘I am the Registered Manager of a Nursing Home and have worked with Hallamshire Physiotherapy for the last 5 years. They are very professional whilst friendly and welcoming and their standard of service is excellent. They are very committed to their patients and deliver results. I would recommend them to anyone.’

‘Excellent service I cannot praise this team enough. I have congenital cerebral palsy, which is fairly mild, I get around pretty well and do plenty to keep fit.
I developed a hip problem which was treated by an orthopaedic surgeon and an NHS musculoskeletal physiotherapist. The exercises were inappropriate for me and if anything made the problem worse. I was given strong pain killers and steroid injections to no avail. I saw a private neurological physiotherapist who recommended the clinic. Steve Hodgson was able to explain the problem and assessed my acute problem as well as my congenital one. I continue to make improvements and managed to get up Pendel Hill in snow which amazed me as I thought I would never do it. Going to this clinic has really helped along with follow up from the neurological physiotherapist who is also very helpful.’

‘Following a recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s, I came across Hallamshire Physio via various searches. Although 2.5 hours’ drive away, I was very pleased that I had made the effort to see them. Everyone I met was very friendly & approachable & Karen who my appointments were with was exceptional. Very professional, with a no nonsense we will help you attitude. I came away knowing that I was in safe hands & that if there is a way to make my condition better, they would help me get there. Really felt that I mattered to them & have no reservation in recommending them – just wish they were closer!’

‘I can honestly say I’ve never had such a thorough and well explained physio session with the excellent Ian who completely put me at ease! Can’t put it into words how highly I recommend them.’

‘Excellent and professional service. I was treated with dignity and respect, and they looked at all aspects of the problem, not just treating the one thing that I went for. Would use again if I ever need any physio.’

‘A huge thank you to Alison – I have always had a problem with my back over the years, I have gone to physiotherapy and chiropractors and LOTS of visits later I was back on feet again, just for it to happen again, I was recommended to go to a Pilates teacher Andy Nice as at the same time as my back giving me trouble I found I had had plantar fasciitis so a double whammy, I was in pain and been elsewhere to no success, Andy recommended Alison at the Hallamshire Physiotherapy clinic WOW what a difference. As a person who has suffered with my back all my life and now the heel problem, the approach here is so different about prevention and how to hold yourself and your posture and walking correctly – what a difference to what I had been used to over the years, I am not saying I am fully fit, at this moment, but I approach my everyday life of walking and what shoes I have on to how I sit at my desk and stand up from my chair completely different it’s been like a breath of fresh air. I have been on a coastal path walk, I now feel more confident of managing and improving my posture through preventative ways.’

‘I’ve been in great hands on both occasions here – literally this time for deep tissue massage on a gracilis muscle tear! The first time was a few years ago for pain in my foot that was preventing me from running. It was immediately recognised by Matt Withycombe as being a back / posture problem. Within 3 sessions plus exercises for me to undertake at home, the issue was fixed and has never been a problem again. This time the healing process for a muscle tear deep in my thigh is well underway after 3 sessions and my flexibility is at least 50% better. Well on the way to a complete return to normal before any lasting scarring settles thanks to Matt Thompson. A fantastic team – really friendly and knowledgeable, led by the brilliant Karen and Steve. Great stuff.’

‘Fantastic service and after care. Always accommodating with last minute appointments and offering advice in between sessions. Matt has been able to identify long standing issues with my technique and able to address them with a combination of massage, physio and stretches. I’m now able to compete without pain and improved my times in every race.’

‘After 2 months of frustration at not being able to run due to a back injury, I decided to ring Hallamshire physiotherapy. I was offered an appointment the following day with Steve due to a cancellation. Steve was like a psychologist and physiotherapist in one – not only did I manage to run the following day, but I have been pain-free ever since and I am looking forward to seeing improvements in my running. I would recommend Hallamshire physiotherapy to anyone, especially fellow runners!’

‘I would highly recommended Hallamshire Physio. I have always been extremely impressed by the knowledge and understanding they have to sporting injuries. I have received physio treatment from both Ian and Steve, and they have got me back running injury free!! Couldn’t be more impressed and it will always be my go-to physio for any advice and treatment.’

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