Taking the pain out of rehabilitation (published in Westside magazine)

Most problems resolve within a few weeks of an injury or event.What do you do if the problem persists for months or even years after the initial onset?

Does this scenario describe you?

Do you experience pain which lasts several weeks then seems to disappear but recurs when you resume normal activities. Medication helps, but only gives short-term benefits and the side-effects are causing more problems. Does the pain indicate you are damaging yourself and should you move or rest? Your sleep is increasingly disturbed as you find it difficult to find a comfortable position and this increases your stress levels which seems to increase your pain. Blood tests and x-rays are normal and do not give any reason why you are having ongoing problems.

You are not alone.

This scenario is very common as many people present with similar stories about how pain does not improve and is increasingly changing their lives.

Why does the pain persist?

After an injury the body adopts new positions to maximise function and to permit continuation of normal activities. This is entirely normal. However, within a short period of time we learn these new positions and these continue to cause ongoing problems even though the tissue that was initially damaged has probably resolved.

We learn pain.

Through a combination of restricted movement, fear, and lack of sleep the pain is increased. Additionally, stress further amplifies the experience of pain. Muscles and skin become sensitive and even light touch causes pain. This ‘sensitisation’ process is normal but does not represent tissue damage.

What can you do?

We spend an hour assessing any new patient at Hallamshire Physiotherapy clinic. This time is important as it allows us an opportunity to hear your story and how it affects your life. Everybody’s story is different however there are common patterns which, with experience, you can identify and start the process of rehabilitation. Physiotherapy should give a long-term solution to your problem. Too many treatments help for a short time but fail to address the underlying problem.

Why come to Hallamshire Physiotherapy Clinic?

Difficult problems need a different approach, but delivered by staff who are experienced and love a challenge. We get many positive reviews and thank you cards but the one thing that probably says more about us than anything else is a number of health professionals that we see. Come for an assessment and see how we can change you.

Hallamshire Physiotherapy – Different Approach – Different Results.


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