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I started seeing Ian mid April under the advice of a surgeon to try to relieve some of the severe pain I was getting when trying to play football. From the first meeting Ian was incredibly helpful; listening carefully to me and what my body was saying. You can tell Ian really thinks about each patient as the level of care and detail he would go into in our appointments was thorough. Fast forward around 6 weeks and under a different surgeon I was going under the knife to fix my issues, with Ian being at the forefront of my recovery post surgery. Since surgery he has helped an unbelievable amount, we work together like a team almost, feeding back what we both think and creating a recovery plan that works specifically for me. Along with my surgery, Ian has helped give me a huge part of my life back and have since been able to go back to playing football pain free. One of the best physio’s I’ve had, and above all else a fantastic person and gentleman, thanks for everything Ian!

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