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Hallamshire Physiotherapy Clinic prides itself on being a centre of excellence for physiotherapy. This includes at times working alongside companies and organisations developing treatments and rehabilitation to help improve patients’ lives.

Augmented Reality Therapy

We are therefore delighted to announce the launch at the clinic of Augmented Reality Therapy from Strolll Ltd. The therapy involves patients wearing an augmented reality headset, as shown on the video below and linked to specialist digital therapeutic software. This new therapy transforms physiotherapy and rehabilitation for people living with neurological disorders, particularly Parkinsons and should improve mobility, confidence and independence.


Select the image below to watch the video

For people with Parkinsons, reduced walking ability, balance and falls are often one of the most challenging symptoms. They can worsen as the disease progresses because the part of the brain that controls automatic movement (like walking) is degenerating. Strolll’s software for AR glasses provides people with visual or auditory stimuli that can enable a person with Parkinsons to detour that part of the brain and engage other brain areas that can control movement, but are unaffected by the disease, thus alleviating several debilitating motor symptoms.

The patented Reality DTx software uses proprietary methods to alleviate gait and balance motor symptoms experienced by a large number of people with Parkinsons, while it has potential applications in rehabilitation of other neurological disorders, such as strokes and multiple sclerosis.

The tech-driven solution provides gamified exercise therapy through targeted, clinically proven augmented reality activities. It allows patients to access rehabilitation exercise at home and maintain their disease at a lower stage for longer.

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