Implicit fear of lifting.



lifting is dangerous….

Do we fear lifting, even if we think we don’t?

JP Caneiro and his team have published a couple of studies that suggests we may.  These clever studies (here and here) took measurements how dangerous we view lifting—both explicitly and implicitly—in both people with and without back pain.

What did he find?  Well, no matter what we explicitly say, we all implicitly associate lifting with a round back as dangerous.  The conclusions here are that these are deep beliefs that are now implicit in western culture—be careful when you bend.

So what, who cares, why I am so bothered by this. Because beliefs and attitudes are potent drivers of behaviour, and behaviours are often what get people trapped in loops of disability.

We often see people in clinic who do what they can to avoid bending and lifting, and in doing so use some movement strategies that actually provoke them.  So, if this sounds like you, there could be a way out.

Dave Nolan.