Knee pain for 30 years helped with Physiotherapy.

This testimonial is a fantastic example of how you can still have improvements and fundamental changes in movement patterns after a 30 year period. Arguably this patient was never properly rehabilitated and had accepted that no further improvement were possible. He had adapted his gait pattern and this became his new motor programme. I only came across this gentlemen because he had twisted his knee and it had become acutely swollen and painful. Once this acute injury settled we continued to address his gait by breaking down the individual components of walking and focusing on specific exercises. Over the 12 months of treatment we set realistic goals and this highly motivated patient constantly improved. I have to admit I was slightly sceptical on whether he would change but this has taught me that improvements can occur however long the dysfunction or adaptation has been present. This is his feedback:

“In 1981 I sustained an injury to my knee which was complicated by a serious blood infection getting into the joint, a situation that was not correctly diagnosed for over a week. When I eventually recovered from the surgery that followed I was advised that further phyiotherapy would not be helpful and that I would need to adapt to a badly damaged joint.
For the next 30 odd years I continued on this path of being careful of my knee and using acupuncture to manage the pain and reduce stiffness.

After injuring my knee again in 2013, creating additional damage, I decided to visit Hallamshire Physiotherapy for advice. I am so pleased that I did this as my knee is now functioning better than at any time since the original injury. This is a result of the excellent professional advice and guidance I have received and the motivational help needed to sustain the required effort and persistence.

At every stage, I have benefited from achievable but challenging excercises that have enabled me to see progress being made. This has helped me to remain positive and set ambitious targets for my recovery
rather than accepting more restrictions.

I would not hesitate to recomend Hallamshire Physiotherapy and their friendly, professional staff to any of my friends or family.”

Peter Leach

Matt W (Physiotherapist)