As we age: get stronger

Sometimes we can get bogged down with complex messages about ageing: what to eat, how to live, the best type of exercise—it’s easy to get confused.  I like simple clear messages. This study does that.

“Grip strength is strongly and inversely associated with all-cause mortality and incidence of and mortality from cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, COPD, all cancer, and subtypes of cancer, with associations being modestly stronger in the younger age groups”

In plain English: people with a stronger grip die less often in any given year.

Why is this?  Well, people with a strong grip have strong arm muscles, and if they have strong arm muscles, then generally they have stronger muscles all over, like legs: they fall less, fracture less hips, have better bone density, balance better, take more steps, inflate the lungs better….. etc etc.

As we age, we lose muscle. So, simple message: try to keep and grow muscle as we age.  How? Some form of resistance training.

We specialise in running classes for people who would never normally go near a gym, and make them feel comfortable while getting stronger.  And experienced physiotherapists tailor the program to you.

Dave Nolan.