Ear Wax Removal

  • Does your hearing seem to have become “muffled” or “dulled”?
  • Do you have the feeling that your ears are blocked?
  • Are your family complaining that “you are not listening to them” or “not hearing them as well as usual”?
  • Has your hearing aid started to feedback/whistle?

These may all be signs of excessive wax build up within the ears.

Ear Wax Build-Up

Although our ears produce wax as part of a protective, self-cleaning mechanism, for some people wax can become retained within the ear, build up and cause a blockage. If the ear is completely blocked with wax, sound cannot pass through the ear as well as it should and hearing can seem reduced.

Wax can be safely removed from the ear using Micro-Suction. The excessive wax is ‘vacuumed’ from the ear using a fine suction probe.

Prior to the procedure, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire so we can be sure you are suitable for aural micro suction. Your ears will be examined by one of our Audiologists and we will be able to show you using a small camera what we see.

You can look at your ears before and after the wax removal procedure; a makeover for your ears!

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Ear Wax Removal Sheffield Micro-Suction

Micro-Suction -By Chris Bowes

  • Do your ears feel blocked up?
  • Are your ears ringing or buzzing?
  • Are you having some problems hearing?

The solution may be simple, the problem may be caused by ear wax. This can easily and quickly be resolved.

Modern ear wax removal is far easier than the ear syringing of old, it is safer and far more comfortable. One of the most popular methods of ear cleaning is Micro-Suction. Let’s talk about what it is and the pros and cons.

Micro-Suction is the modern and safe method of removing ear wax.

What is Micro-Suction Ear wax Removal?
Micro-Suction ear wax removal is performed using a microscope to see what we are doing, and a medical suction device is used to gently suck out the wax. A very thin fitting is attached to the end of the tube which allows the ear wax to be gently removed from your ear canal.

What happens during an appointment?
The first part of the process is a health questionnaire in relation to your ear, surgeries, pain, infections or previous experiences. I will then examine your ears using a video otoscope. Then, using the low pressure suction device, I will safely remove the blockage. I will use a video otoscope to show you the condition of the ear both before and after the treatment.

Why am I paying for Micro-Suction?
Your GP surgery may not offer a wax removal service. There would be no waiting to get to see your GP or Nurse. I can usually see you within 3 to 5 days of you booking an appointment. Appointments can take place at your home or at a mutually agreeable time that suits you.

Why can’t I just have my ears syringed?
Syringing can cause your ear drum to perforate (if performed incorrectly) which is extremely painful and can cause an ear infection. With no liquids being used there is no fuss or mess during the procedure. The fact that the ear canal is being observed throughout the process, makes it an exceptionally safe procedure. It is also a comfortable process and it is usually undertaken within minutes.

Micro-Suction is accepted across the medical profession as the safest and most comfortable method of ear wax removal.

The Pros and cons of Micro-Suction

Unlike ear syringing or ear irrigation where ear wax is flushed out without a view of the canal, during Micro-Suction, the canal and the ear wax is being directly viewed with the microscope whilst it is being removed. This makes the procedure much quicker, safer and comfortable for the patient. Other benefits of this type of  ear wax removal include:


A good view of the ear canal
I have a great view of both the ear wax and your ear canal. It means that I can always see what I am doing. Making it easier for me and safe for you.

No ear drops needed
With micro-Suction, there is usually no need to apply ear drops for wax beforehand. With other methods of removal like ear syringing or ear irrigation you will always need to do it. Having said that, using ear drops can still help in the removal.

No messy water used
No water is used or flushed into the ear canal as happens with ear syringing or ear irrigation. Instead the procedure is dry which significantly reduces any risk of infection.

Safe for perforations
Unlike ear syringing and ear irrigation, it is safe for people who have a perforated eardrum or mastoid cavity, in addition to any foreign object that may be lodged inside the ear canal.

Micro-Suction is comfortable and the blockage is removed in minutes.


Limitations of Micro-Suction
There are few limitations or cons of Micro-Suction ear wax removal, microscopic lenses are used by the professional removing the wax and they provide a narrow view. However, it just means that an re-adjustment to the positioning is required to get the optimal view. Micro-Suction ear wax removal is regarded as being exceptionally safe and well tolerated. However no treatment of ear wax is completely risk-free. Like other ear wax removal methods there is a possibility of damage and trauma to the ear canal and eardrum. This is an exceptionally rare event that is usually caused by a sudden movement by the customer.

Micro-Suction can be a bit noisy because of the suction, however newer suction pumps are much quieter. The pump I use is designed to be quiet.

As I said, it’s safe, comfortable and with little or no risk when undertaken by an experienced and qualified professional. If you need a hearing test this can be performed at the same time.

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