We are happy to accept referrals to the clinic and would appreciate brief clinical details with results of any key investigations. If you wish to speak to a member of staff before referring a patient please contact  Dr Steve Hodgson to discuss specific requirements.

There are several staff at the clinic who complete medico-legal reports for clients with both musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. We are able to provide you with CVs of the staff and their clinical profile. If you wish to discuss this service please contact Karen Hodgson.

Case Managers
We have a long history of providing tailored neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation packages to clients from case management teams. We are able to provide clinic treatment or home visits for complex Traumatic Brain Injury clients, Spinal cord Injury, musculoskeletal injury/trauma and paediatric conditions. Please contact Karen Hodgson to discuss specific requirements or to arrange an initial assessment to judge future rehabilitation.

Insurance Intermediaries
We provide rapid and evidence based rehabilitation to a range of clients with musculoskeletal injuries or those requiring occupational rehabilitation. The ethos of the clinic is to provide an active rehabilitation process for the client that encourages participation and understanding of the problem to maximise recovery. Rehabilitation incorporates the use of psychological interventions and restoration of normal movement. Please contact Dr Steve Hodgson to discuss specific requirements.