This is pain in the lateral (outer) aspect of the elbow. You don’t have to play tennis to have this problem and many structures both within (ligament, muscle and joint) and outside the elbow (neck, thorax and shoulder) can cause symptoms.

Treatment is based on a full assessment of those factors that are contributing to the problem. Many ‘Tennis elbow’ problems are caused by repetitive activities, for example, inputting data on a computer or gardening and pulling out too many weeds over a short period of time! Other sports such as climbing, cricket or even tennis, can cause symptoms, especially if activity levels are increased rapidly without a graded exercise programme.

Common treatments for tennis elbow are to mobilise the elbow joint, begin strengthening exercises of the muscles that lift your fingers/wrist up (extensor muscles) and reduce the stress across the elbow by reintroduction of the correct use of the whole upper limb in specific activities.