96% said they would ‘definitely recommend’ us.

78% said they were ‘extremely satisfied’ with the treatment they received.


“Having tried many other forms of mainstream and alternative treatment over a period of twenty years, this is the first time I’ve seen a significant improvement and I’m genuinely excited about future progress.”


“In 10 years of Stroke Re-hab, have never experienced such an all encompassing clinic assisting in all aspects.”


“For me a perfect experience, pleasant, no waiting, listened to my problem, diagnosed and followed through with continuous moral and diagnostic support.”


“I had a proper examination which was certainly lacking in another practice I had been treated in and had complete confidence in the results of that and the treatment and advice I was given.”


“I can not thank Steve and the staff at Hallamshire Physiotherapy enough. Appointments were fitted in around my work etc and the treatment I received was excellent. It quite literally has changed my life, at last I can wear heels! Thanks again.”


“The staff are dedicated towards helping the patient recover from their disability. They have been a lifeline to me.”


“I have seen many different physios and specialists over the years but this is the first place to cure my problems not just make them bearable.”


“Thank you for making my life easier now that I am pain free after 15 years of back problems. Excellent service.”


“I am highly delighted with the help and attitude of the clinic. It really is second to none. Keep up the good work, I for one really appreciate it. Thank you.”


“My treatment at Hallamshire Physiotherapy is giving me the knowledge, confidence and skills to make the improvements I need to my mobility. I no longer feel that treatment is being ‘done to me’ but I am at the centre of a partnership that is making sense and getting the results I didn’t think were possible.”


“Very professional set up and would recommend to friends and colleagues.”


“I like the optimistic and realistic, down to earth approach you get from the therapists: I come away knowing what I need to work on in the knowledge there are people who can help me to get back to my activities. Thank you.”


“It was great to be able to get an appointment so quickly when I first injured my ankle and to have such good advice and effective treatment which took account of my need to keep playing my sport!”


“Relevant follow up not just follow-up endlessly.”


“Honest about time to get better – didn’t feel that I was just being asked to come back unnecessarily.”


“Physio also showed a real desire to identify the root cause of the injury so as to prevent recurrence. This was not just a quick fix.”


“Genuine empathy and a very positive attitude.”