A PD Warriors climbing experience in Greece

A picture from my trip to Kalymnos in May 2017. The whole week I climbed between 3 and 6 routes per day, each route about 35 to 40 metres long and the technical grades for each climb between 5+ and 6B with the majority around 6A/6A+. If you bear in mind that throughout my life of climbing since I was 16 years old, the hardest grade that I have ever led is 6B, so that’s why I considered the whole week as a ‘wow week’. I wasn’t leading the routes only seconding but loved every minute! The route shown in the photo is ‘Sandy Kilo up at Trois Ilots – Geriakos, which is 6A. The 6B I climbed was called Cumulo Sinus and it was really excellent! It’s a fantastic island, half an hour’s ferry trip from the Island of Kos and is absolutely full of limestone cliffs which have been ‘sports bolted’ and are very safe. Climbers from all over the world visit Kalymnos because the climbing is so good and the locals appreciate the business that they get from the climbers. The season for climbing is March, April and May and end September, October & maybe November because at other times the temperature is too high or during the winter it’s too rainy! My mates and I will be visiting Kalymnos next year as well and therefore the PD Warrior class is extremely important to me. Steve PD Warrior


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