Why regaining relevant function is the key to rehabilitation.

Dear sir/ madam

Please may I ask you to pass on some positive feedback for us?
I’m writing to explain how pleased my Mum and I have been with the services provided by your specialist physiotherapists.

Mum has had Multiple Sclerosis for 45 years. She has been treated by more than a few physiotherapists from public and private sectors.

Her current treatment regime has been designed by Karen Stevens, working with your service until recently. In addition to quiet good spirits, she was very effective in reducing the stiffness and spasticity in Mum’s arm. I hadn’t realised that this was such a priority for Mum until Karen explored what she wanted – to be able to hold hands with her granddaughter. This motivated her to work with the therapy in a way she hasn’t done before.
With her physical therapy, Mum has been able to stop having three monthly muscle paralysing injections, and avoid for the foreseeable future the need for upper limb surgery for contractures. It was a positive comment from her Hand Surgeon that prompted me to write.

This benefit remains through the cheerful and strong treatment by Bhanu Ramaswamy and your other colleagues. The therapy service continues to be such a positive influence on Mum’s quality of life. Thank you again

Yours sincerely

Mark L (Dr)