I visited Hallamshire Physiotherapy when coming to terms with significant mobility problems, which were likely to have been associated with post viral syndrome. Having had difficulties accessing NHS services due to a lack of diagnosis, I was delighted to find that post viral problems can be tackled through private therapy. Up until the point I came to Hallamshire Physio, I struggled to find a therapist that understood the impact the condition was having on my life and the lengths I was having to resort to in staying involved in some kind of work, social and home life. I met with Mark Adams, who had an understanding of how post viral difficulties affect the whole person. Together, we examined the strategies I was already using, and developed these further until I gained more control over my symptoms, paving the way to make physical improvements. I undertook aspects of pacing and graded exercise therapy. The therapist was careful to ensure I only took on safe amounts of exercise, and was concerned that this wasn’t at the expense of other aspects of my life.

I would recommend this type of therapy to anyone who is trying to build up their lifestyle but wants to learn how to do this safely. I still have some way to go to make a full recovery, but I have made improvements over the course of the months I have been attending and now have the tools and knowledge to continue alone.

Many thanks,