Having a stroke is a life shattering experience both for you and your family. You all feel overwhelmed and unsure how to proceed.
That’s why it’s vital to find professional help as soon as possible to begin work on your recovery.
My daughter found Karen at Hallamshire Physio and I saw her within three weeks of having my stroke. My left arm was badly affected and she began to work with me straight away.
Normally people start to see her after the three month NHS period, but I would advise starting immediately.
A year later, my arm is now about 80% of how it was and I am able to use it with confidence. When I was ready to begin strengthening exercise, Karen accompanied me to my local gym to sort out the programme.
Her expertise, kind manner and ‘hands on’ approach make you feel that you will improve. We’ve learned a tremendous amount about how the body and muscles work thanks to her informative treatment.

All the best

Nick and Trish Garrett

February 2018


Dear sir/ madam

Please may I ask you to pass on some positive feedback for us?
I’m writing to explain how pleased my Mum and I have been with the services provided by your specialist physiotherapists.

Mum has had Multiple Sclerosis for 45 years. She has been treated by more than a few physiotherapists from public and private sectors.

Her current treatment regime has been designed by Karen Stevens, working with your service until recently. In addition to quiet good spirits, she was very effective in reducing the stiffness and spasticity in Mum’s arm. I hadn’t realised that this was such a priority for Mum until Karen explored what she wanted – to be able to hold hands with her granddaughter. This motivated her to work with the therapy in a way she hasn’t done before.

With her physical therapy, Mum has been able to stop having three monthly muscle paralysing injections, and avoid for the foreseeable future the need for upper limb surgery for contractures. It was a positive comment from her Hand Surgeon that prompted me to write.

This benefit remains through the cheerful and strong treatment by Bhanu Ramaswamy and your other colleagues. The therapy service continues to be such a positive influence on Mum’s quality of life. Thank you again

Yours sincerely

Mark L (Dr)


More positive feedback from people on the PD Warrior programme.

Sheffield PD Warriors – Lucky!

I don’t feel particularly lucky having a diagnosis of P.D. but I do feel extremely lucky to be a member of the Sheffield P.D.Warrior group. I signed up about six months ago and intend to continue as long as I possibly can.


Firstly, knowing that it’s based on the latest medical research: the P.D. Warrior programme has has been called a ‘game changer’ in the effect it appears to have in slowing down the progression of the disease.

Secondly our P.D. trainers are experienced, knowledgable and caring. The different exercises (physical and mental) are challenging and exhausting at times but our trainers are always encouraging (unless you’re slacking!) and they make it fun. Some exercises are more popular than others – I could do the boxing challenge all the time if I could – releases pent up anger!

There’s music throughout – essential for me.

Finally, P.D can be isolating; worries can build up, so it’s reassuring to meet other PD warriors who are experiencing similar feelings. There’s good group support and camaraderie. I would recommend the programme unhesitatingly to those newly diagnosed with P.D.

Anne Taylor


November 8th 2017
I am 67 years old and I was diagnosed with Parkinsons 2 years ago. I contacted Hallamshire Physiotherapy in August 2017 and after assessment started their PD Warrior programme in October. Everyone at Hallamshire Physiotherapy have been welcoming and helpful. Bhanu and Karen who run the PD Warrior course are inspirational and you feel you are in very safe hands.
I am now in the 7th week of a 10 week course and I have seen an improvement. Physically I am more supple and have more stamina, mentally I have more confidence and remember to have fun! My friends have also seen an improvement commenting that I seem more alive.
I travel 100 miles every week from Liverpool. This gives an indication of the strength of my commitment to the course.
Dinah Cooke





My love affair with the Dales began over 30 years ago during which time I have walked the Three Peaks, The Dales Way and many more delightful walks in between. One of my favourites has always been in Wharfedale from Arncliffe over the top to Kettlewell and back round into Arncliffe. In terms of mileage, only 6 miles but in terms of difficulty, very strenuous with steep ascents and descents.
So, never in a million years since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s did I ever imagine I would be able to walk up that never ending hill again and be swept away on reaching the summit with that stunningly beautiful view all the way down the valley, – to die for.
However, my dream was realised in June 2017 when I did the walk with one of my friends, who bless her, took the chance that I had enough determination to achieve my goal. I cannot describe the joy and exhilaration I felt when I saw that wonderful view once more, it felt as if I had my life back again, when we started to descend back to Arncliffe I realised how far I had come in terms not only of achievement, but in terms of mentally accepting what I was capable of doing. I also have to say that since I have been under Karen & Bhanu’s PD Warrior regime my strength and fitness have improved greatly – so thank you girls.

Mrs P (after the PD warrior programme)



“Hallamshire physio is very good. My husband has had physio from Karen Stevens since his stroke three years ago, he is still improving. I would recommend Hallamshire Physio and Karen Stevens they are excellent (Karen is very patient and an expert at her job).”



“Since my husband’s stroke, Karen and the team have used their knowledge, expertise and sense of fun to tailor an individualised and effective approach to guide him on the road to recovery. He could not have done it without your help! I would recommend Hallamshire Physiotherapy for all of these reasons – my husband’s progress has been amazing, much of which I put down to Karen.”

Mrs & Mrs M



“If you are looking for a neurological physiotherapist who can systematically investigate, identify and pinpoint the root cause and location of your particular    problem and then get to grips with it (literally) I strongly recommend you to make an appointment with Bhanu Ramaswamy who is a highly experienced specialised physiotherapist.”

        John Howard


“ Our world was devastated when our active Mum (79), who did Tai Chi and drove regularly, had a major stroke. Mum lost all use of her left leg and left arm and we were told on leaving the hospital after 3 months stay that Mum would never walk again. Twelve months later Mum is walking, though slowly, and now has some use of her left arm and hand. Karen’s expertise as a neuro physio and her qualities as a person have enabled Mum to gain not only some quality of life back, but to regain some confidence. I now tell friends who need the best expert for a stroke survivor: Don’t waste your money on any physio, just go to Karen Hodgson at Hallamshire Physiotherapy;she’ll get them walking again. Good job we never told Mum what the hospital said! “.



“Following a bad epileptic fit in June 2012 when Robert damaged both ankles against furniture his overall health started to deteriorate due to lack of mobility – which in turn affected his complex medication  to control Roberts Epilepsy – resulting in Robert having to stop most of his normal activities .Despite repeated visits to hospitals no progress was made and Robert became lopsided and  unable to walk normally plus getting into/out of  a chair required assistance – overall his quality of life was very poor as his favourite things like shopping/horse riding /laundrywork/working in a Charity shop had ceased.”

“Physio was tried where Robert lived but this achieved nothing due to lack of experience with complex medical conditions .

Fortunately I was able to contact Karen at Hallamshire Physio after being given a phone number on a personal recommendation – best phone call I have ever made as  from our first appointment on 12thApril  when Robert stumbled in like a 75 year old with my guidance to stop him falling over – there has been  appointments  on 24th May /19th July/27th September  with a final review on 29th November – with Robert now  back to his normal self .

Each appointment produced a set of exercises for Roberts support staff to carry out for 5 minutes twice per day – which Karen turned into a set of games for Robert to carry out – much more fun balancing a balloon on top of  a door rather than stretch this arm out .

Throughout Karen has worked on Roberts muscles that had gone into knots /spasms plus improving  his Muscle tone which had been lost .

Robert has  now been  doing his laundry work /shopping/Charity shop work  for several months and has recently recommenced horse riding .

Each appointment involved a 150 mile collection journey/then a 150 mile return journey – it’s the best mileage I have ever done.”

John ( Roberts dad )


“It was a privilege attending physiotherapy sessions at Hallamshire Physiotherapy Clinic, Sheffield, from October28 to November 05, 2013. I sincerely confirm that I had more than my money’s worth at all the sessions.

All the staff that attended to me were core professional and knowledgeable in their duties. And you Karen, you were something else. A counsellor, passionate and committed in your duties with unquenchable desire for improved results on your patients. A good woman.

I wished my stay in the UK was longer to enable me drink more from your healing fountain.”

Kevin A


“I have Parkinsons Disease and for the last 12 years have struggled with walking, talking and stiffness. My secret weapon is Karen at the Hallamshire Physiotherapy Clinic. She can even make me laugh while torturing me and the greatest thing is 12 years later I am still walking, talking and moving.

Ps. Don’t tell everyone.”

Ruth Hallam Jones


“Six months ago I suffered a stroke which left my left arm and leg disabled. I received no meaningful physiotherapy to my arm until recently when I attended The Hallamshire Physiotherapy Clinic. In just a few sessions of dedicated expert physiotherapy my arm is already responding and I feel much more confident for the future.”

Mike Higgins


“At first, its difficult to believe that Karen, who looks feminine and petite, is in fact, so strong that she can persuade even my distinctly disobedient limbs to move just that little bit more easily. As I have cerebral palsy, my legs and feet have a mind of their own and do as they please, rather than complying with any suggestion I make.

Karen has not yet learnt to perform miracles though I live in hope! However, my balance is much better and on the rare occasions when I fall flat on my face, I am able to roll over on to my back; and as she taught me to do sit ups, I can now regain the normal upright stance that most people prefer.

Thank you Karen, my fear of falling is not so great these days. Also the strengthening of my back muscles means that I have not had lumbago or sciatica for many months. Small victories to you perhaps, but for me they are minor miracles which enable me to cope with every day life just that little bit more easily and confidently.”

“Bless you Karen, keep up the good work and who knows what we may achieve!

Pauline. D. Eyre


“Fourteen years ago I had a spinal ischaemic bleed which was missed by medics and a substantial amount of neurological deficit resulted below T7. An hour of out-patients physio p/w was provided by the NHS for one year after being discharged. Thereafter I received no hands-on physio and could feel my condition deteriorating by not maintaining what I’d rebuilt. I was also lacking in motivation after about year ten! I have likened my problems to a computer with a defective memory chip – you often feel back to square one but if you don’t use muscles, you notice the regression.

Hallamshire physiotherapy was recommended to me and I have attended once a fortnight for the past two years. Emma and Rachel worked with me and retrieved my core-stability which was a big plus. I am reliant on a chair but not confined and am able to stand with something to hold. Rivca took over and her programmes are varied and excellent – she works with neuro cases but also offers muscular skeletal expertise. Nothing is ever wasted as joints tighten, muscles need reminding and posture needs attention.

It is imperative to maintain what I have and proper stretching with a professional eye is essential. This work complements my personal swimming efforts. If only I could afford to attend daily – I certainly would. The practice is close to home and I really look forward to going. Staff show an interest in you and I feel welcome. I shudder to think what state I’d be in without this treatment and this business has already been highly recommended by myself on another website. I can only endorse that view. Highly Recommended.”

Keith R


“My husband suffered a SAH followed by a massive stroke in 2004 which left him with right side paralysis and confined to a wheelchair and unable to communicate verbally. His brain damage means that he is not always a willing patient but Karen Bird’s patience with him has been fantastic.

The stretching and excercising Karen goes through with him has helped my job handling him when at home much easier. Our carers always comment that they know when he has been to the clinic for physiotherapy I would highly recommend Hallamshire Physiotherapy. Truly Exceptional.”

Maureen W


“Having suffered a stroke in 1999, I have had 8 years of experiencing a wide range of Neuro-Physiotherapists on a very regular basis and had come to a point of nearly accepting that there would be no further improvement in my condition, only maintenance. My life started to change 18 months ago when I met Karen Bird at the Hallamshire.

Through her skilled and expert treatment over these last eighteen months I have not only improved considerably in my mobility and functionality but have re-discovered my stamina and zest for life. I no longer accept “my lot” as every month new channels are awakened and I discover that movement is still there where before there was none.

“This has not only altered what I can do on a daily basis but has changed my whole outlook on life. Thanks Karen and all the staff at The Hallamshire. Jon West, Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Truly Exceptional.”

Jon W


“Having physiotherapy keeps me on an even keel and when I couldn’t attend the clinic homevisits were arranged.”


“The staff are dedicated towards helping the patient recover from their disability. They have been a lifeline to me.”


“Excellent explanation by the therapist to help understand the condition.The clinic is situated in a very convenient place for me and the building is well adapted for people who have walking difficulties. The patient does not feel obliged to undertake a long period of treatment if that is not necessary.”


Post-Polio syndrome and a patient’s view of the clinic

“I am a post polio victim and a couple of years ago I realised I was getting weaker and falling a lot. This was worrying so I chatted to a friend, an ex rugby player, who had had lots of physiotherapy in his time. I told him I wanted someone I could trust and who could understand my problems and give me strategies to overcome my difficulties. Someone who could help me manage my pain, give me exercises to help build up my strength in my legs.

After some pertinent research I met Karen at Hallamshire Physiotherapy Clinic and the rest is history!! She has helped me with walking – I had a poor gait that exacerbated poor posture and weakness, I just say I want to build say my calf muscle and she gives me exercises that I CAN DO as my muscles are so weak. I suffered frequent trapped nerves in my neck – that is now completely eradicated with the neck exercises I practise. I enjoy bridge but the lengthy sessions sitting cause me severe back pain, Karen provided a ‘wobble’ cushion which prevents my back from seizing and allows me to continue playing.

I cannot thank/praise Karen enough, she has changed my life so much for the better! Whatever ache/weakness develops Karen finds solutions. My body is stronger and pain reduced. Coming to Hallamshire Physiotherapy is the best thing I have ever done.”
Mrs MH