“Hi Hallamshire Physiotherapy,

Many thanks for your help over the last few months:

When I get injured you might be like me in analysing the question ‘should I go to see a physio, is it worth the money’?  I can honestly say that the money I have invested in myself via Hallamshire Physiotherapy was worth every penny.  From the start of my diagnosis, to the rehab and to finally the ‘I think you are alright now, I hope I don’t see you again!’ – Hallamshire Physiotherapy really did care about my recovery and went above and beyond what I expected.   The informative and dedicated passion they showed to help me recovery really was excellent, and I would fully recommend using Hallamshire Physiotherapy.”  


“Just wanted to say that after sustaining a knee injury and visiting Tanya at your practice, I am now up and ‘running’ so to speak. She gave me the exercises to help in my recovery as well as keeping me positive and not promising when my knee would heal. I’d recommend Tanya and the practice to others. Thank you and if I needed some support again, would not hesitate to make another appointment. Keep up the brilliant work. Kath b.”


“The expert professional advice provided by Ian at Hallamshire Physio was excellent. The exercises he recommended have been completely successful in treating a painful knee.”

Phil Long


“I have fibromyalgia and suffer near constant chronic pain. Ian has really helped ease the pain when I get a flare up and has helped me feel more confident to take charge of my condition. The team are all friendly and they will help your pain in the short term and give you easy exercises and advice to aid you to help yourself in the long-term.”




I just wanted to email Tanja to thank her for all her help with my running. I came to her in March/April time last year, with really bad shins, which were preventing me from running.

After a few sessions with Tanja, evaluating the way I think about running (and my posture and moving in general), and working on strengthening some areas, I’ve managed to get a 10k PB; going from 39:09 to 36.23 – She was a massive help and really lovely to me. So thank you so much!

But this was the PB race!

Happy Friday,

Jess Fawcett


After being diagnosed with an LCL injury during a rugby game in Feb 2014 and making the decision to ignore the advice to see an NHS physio due to waiting times it has been a long season with pain coming and going in my knee. A recommendation from a friend to go to Hallamshire Physiotherapy led to a quick e-mail and a convenient Saturday morning appointment made.

Steve immediately put me at ease and explained what could have caused my injury in a way I could understand. He spent plenty of time comparing my two knees and noting the small differences between their range of motion before sending me away with exercises to strengthen my knee for the next 2 weeks.

Following advice for once, my knee feels much better already and I hope it continues to strengthen Would recommend this practice over and over again.

All the best,

Helen T


“Good morning,
I just want to say a huge thank you to Ruth for the work/manipulation she did to my back and chest yesterday.
I’m feeling much better today. Breathing is easier and my movement is pain free. I slept for 12 hours after going to bed at 9.15pm last night.
I now have more energy to move freely.

In gratitude,



After several weeks of increasing shoulder pain normal day to day movements were becoming very painful and leaving me in dangerous situations eg holding hot drinks , driving , looking after my pony and grandchildren . I was able to make an immediate appointment with Tanja . Tanja diagnosed the problem and after 3 sessions and doing the prescribed exercises life is almost back to normal . I know that it will resolve totally provided I follow Tanja advice . Tanja was confident , gave me a positive outlook , kind and very friendly and able to put me at ease . Thank you Tanja I have already recommended you and I would certainly always come back to you and Hallamshire Physios if need be . 



I just wanted to write a quick note to say thankyou!

I was seen by Ian (Brocklesby) about 5 weeks ago. I have had a problem with my knee for about 5 years which has meant I have been unable to run. After having an MRI, seeing my GP and visiting 2 other physios with no improvement had just about given up hope.

However I saw Ian for 1 session and since then have been running 3x week with no problems! I had a f/u booked for 3/52 and cancelled as I was ‘fixed’

I am loving being able to run again without this pain. I have a grin on my face the entire time.

Thanks for all your help!

Dan Bewick


Following a car accident 15 years ago I have frequently suffered soreness in my neck but following a visit to the in-laws and sleeping on a hard pillow it triggered the worst pain I have had. This included intense pain in my shoulder with a vice like pain into the back of my skull with a constant headache. This made me feel dizzy, not with it and hazy headed. I felt miserable, unable to function and quite frankly a mess.

I went to see Ian Brocklesby who immediately made me feel at ease and feel as though I had as much time as I needed to discuss my problems which meant a lot.

Following a thorough assessment Ian treated my neck. Following that one session I was brought to tears of joy. After muscle and joint mobilisation the vice like pain and the headache was gone. I had full range of movement and felt great!

Ian gave me a programme of exercises to maintain this improvement and so far I have not had to return to see him.

The difference I felt I one session was remarkable – I felt like me again and I can highly recommend Ian.


My 9 year old daughter has had a shoulder injury through swimming but after a few sessions with Ian Brocklesby she is back on form, injury free and swimming stronger and faster than before. I can more than recommend this clinic.
Kay J


In my opinion Hallamshire Physiotherapy offer a first class service. I am a keen runner but after spending four months struggling with Achilles Tendinitis in both ankles I was advised to book an appointment with Stephen Hodgson. The initial assessment with Stephen was very thorough and reassuring with the subsequent treatment being very effective. Within weeks I had returned to regular pain free running with a more knowledgeable approach both mentally and physically.

Gareth Sampson


I have had lower leg injuries (or so I thought) over the last year or so and, as a very keen runner, being told by numerous physios to rest (and do a million different exercises) has been frustrating to say the least. When I moved to Sheffield in the summer I decided to book an appointment at Hallamshire Physiotherapy. I was expecting the usual – you have to rest, do these exercises religiously, cycle or swim instead, etc. but Steve told me what I wish I had been told a year earlier – it wasn’t an injury and I didn’t need to rest. Despite being frustrated at having lost several months of training for no reason, I was ecstatic to hear this good news. I really like Steve’s approach, and his reassuring attitude is just what I needed. I highly recommend this place.

Hannah Kraus



In 1981 I sustained an injury to my knee which was complicated by a serious blood infection getting into the joint, a situation that was not correctly diagnosed for over a week. When I eventually recovered from the surgery that followed I was advised that further phyiotherapy would not be helpful and that I would need to adapt to a badly damaged joint.
For the next 30 odd years I continued on this path of being careful of my knee and using acupuncture to manage the pain and reduce stiffness.

After injuring my knee again in 2013, creating additional damage, I decided to visit Hallamshire Physiotherapy for advice. I am so pleased that I did this as my knee is now functioning better than at any time since the original injury. This is a result of the excellent professional advice and guidance I have received and the motivational help needed to sustain the required effort and persistence.

At every stage, I have benefited from achievable but challenging excercises that have enabled me to see progress being made. This has helped me to remain positive and set ambitious targets for my recovery rather than accepting more restrictions.

I would not hesitate to recomend Hallamshire Physiotherapy and their friendly, professional staff to any of my friends or family.

Peter Leach


Over the last twenty years I’ve seen many different physiotherapists, in many different parts of the country for many different reasons. Without a doubt I rate Steve Hodgson as the best of the best and I will always refer friends to him, especially when they have a long-term injury that has other physiotherapist baffled!

I climb and run to a high standard and put significant demands on my body. Over the years I have hobbled into Hallamshire Physiotherapy with everything from unexplained running niggles to plaster cast limbs after a climbing accident.

What I really value is Steve’s ability to investigate and determine what the root cause of a problem really is. His insights occasionally seem obvious, but only after he has made his diagnosis!

The solutions that have been suggested to me over years vary enormously but have been proved consistently correct.

I currently live in Cornwall but still visit Hallamshire Physiotherapy when I am in Sheffield and I am in need of treatment and will phone when I need some quality advice.

Shane Ohly
2011 OMM Elite Winner


I had intermittent but intense foot and ankle pain, which I’d assumed was from ramping up the mileage too quickly. Steve was able to show me how different underlying factors were combining to cause my pain, and give me ways to address them. Result: I can now run pain free. Not only that, he also reshaped my running action to cut down impact and improve efficiency. A brilliant combination of insight and practical advice. I would unreservedly recommend Hallamshire Physiotherapy to anyone with a sports-related injury.


Over the years Hallamshire Physiotherapy has managed to mend and repair the damage from all my climbing injuries, mountain biking accidents, deteriorating arthritic hip, dodgy lower back and advancing years. Without their brilliant input I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my current passions of downhill mountain biking, body surfing, teaching yoga, maintaining a large garden and huge allotment, all at 70! The management before and rehab after my hip replacement alone has to be experienced to be believed.

I cannot recommend them more highly, particularly for a Peak District active life.


I had a revised hip replacement in August 2011 and the sciatic nerve was damaged which resulted in a dropped foot. This means I had no control over the foot and ankle. I was wearing a brace to keep my foot at the right angle for walking and I had a lot of pain and numbness. I was nervous of venturing outside because of my lack of balance and I was getting increasingly depressed. The NHS experts were giving me limited and negative information on my condition. They told me the damage was severe and it would take at least a year to recover and the extent of the recovery was uncertain.

In December 2011 there was still no progress and I was still on crutches. I contacted Steve, as he had treated me in the past for previous hip replacements. I started seeing him, initially, on a weekly basis. From that time, I started to make improvements. The most important thing, for me, was that Steve gave me information about the condition and assured me that I could help myself towards recovery. This gave me focus and, gradually, I started to see improvements. Steve kept giving me goals to achieve and I focussed on these and was proud when I achieved them. Steve increased the goals, not just in doing the exercises, but in getting back my independence and venturing outside on my own.

I saw my consultant on the 23rd November 2012. This was a year after receiving the negative diagnosis. He was very impressed with my improvement and thinks I should make a full recovery as long as I keep working with Steve. He also wants 6 monthly updates from Steve.

What is most important for me about going to Hallamshire physiotherapy is getting control back of my life. I will always be grateful to Steve, Karen and their staff for their expertise and support at a very difficult time in my life. Needless to say, I have recommended them to a number of my friends.

Jill B


I came to Hallamshire Physiotherapy with a recurrent back problem that was also starting to affect my knee. After injuring my back about 20 years ago, it had grumbled on and off ever since, and I’d learnt to treat it carefully – too carefully, perhaps! Dr Steve Hodgson assessed not just my physical problem, but my attitude to it and tendency to ‘wrap it in cotton wool’. He has been very informative, professional and helpful. I now feel a lot more positive, and encouraged to keep flexible and moving without being quite so limited in my expectations of what I can do. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hallamshire Physiotherapy and Steve Hodgson.



As soon as I walked into the practice I was impressed by the friendly and helpful staff and relaxing atmosphere. After an initial and thorough consultation session with Rivca, it only took two subsequent appointments for my problems to be resolved. She immediately made me feel at ease, explained the cause of the pain, and gave me specific exercises to practise to target the problematic areas. She also taught me how to improve my stance in order to avoid a recurrence of the problems.

I can’t thank her enough for all of her help. I only wish that I’d gone to see her sooner. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anybody who is suffering back and neck problems.

Susie T


I am grateful to a Hallamshire neurosurgeon for directing me to Steve Hodgson. By the time I got to him I walked like an old woman of 70, had lost much of my natural balance, and was in constant pain. In addition, I was deeply depressed, having been forced through constant health problems to abandon a career I loved.

Steve treated me within the hospital for over 8 months with a concentrated programme of therapy and exercise. During this time, with his help and support, I began to get my life back – not the old life, but a new one. I learnt how to manage my condition and began to take control again over my well-being.

Since then, a good number of years have passed. Steve is now in his own practice and whenever I have a problem which my daily routine cannot overcome, I go to Steve, knowing that he will do his utmost on my behalf. Those of us with chronic conditions tend to have the odd bad episode which can set us back and make us feel low. I am no longer prepared to tolerate long waiting lists whilst my condition worsens. I am not a rich person and believe in spending money wisely.

It seems to me a wise investment to maintain the quality of your life in as pain-free a condition as you can. Steve Hodgson helps me achieve this. I do not hesitate in commending him. He is a total professional. Thank goodness he’s in Sheffield.

Lorraine Kay


After 7 long years of putting off the enevatale, having a hip replacement, the op took place on 6th Dec 2006. Surgery went very well, new hip in place I was ready to go. I had walked so badly for so many years, I was finding it hard to break bad habits.

On 30th March, I took the decision, I was going to need help, to ensure I was to gain all I wanted from my new joint. I obtained an appointment with David Nolan, from day one he gave me the boost that I needed, with hard work from both parties, he could see me meeting my goals, which were walking, without rocking and rolling, maybe jogging.

On 17th September 2007, these goals have been achived, I am now discharged, pain free, feeling the best I have done in last 7 years. I thank David for all his efforts, even our chats, that made the time pass, when he was making me use parts of my back, hip, that had not moved correctly for years. With his direction I have my old life back THANK YOU! Truly Exceptional.


Pamela W


As a result of a car crash I got whiplash which gave me pins and needles down my arm. Over a series of appointments Steve has managed to cure the pins and needles and my neck is now free again. I can’t thank him enough. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hallamshire Physiotherapy. Truly Exceptional.

Carol B


Before visiting Hallamshire Physio I was virtually unable to turn my neck and the pain was such that my sleep was constantly disturbed. I am amazed at the swift progress following only 2 appointments with Steve. Apart from a slight stiffness I have full mobility and even better – sound sleep ! I have already recommended Hallamshire Physio to a friend and I shall continue to point people in the direction of Steve and his team whenever I can.

Andrew B


When I first arrived at Hallamshire Physiotherapy, in the care of Steve Hodgson, I was in despair about my painful arthritic ankle, hip and back. I was particularly concerned about my poor walking and knew this was a long standing problem related to a congenital abnormality in my lower right leg.

After only a couple of appointments my hip and back pain disappeared altogether and I began walking with much less pain. Steve analysed how I was moving and showed me how I had developed poor habits over time to compensate for joint problems. Through excellent observational skill, demonstration, discussion and exercises he develops for me I am re-engaging long neglected muscles and learning a more productive way of moving.

After every treatment I have felt the benefit and my walking has improved considerably. Steveʼs very respectful, honest, professional and positive approach to his work has helped me feel much more optimistic about my physicality and future prospects. His infectious enthusiasm and full attention in every treatment has encouraged me to follow the advice given and practice exercises set in between treatments. He has made the most sense to me of any health professional I have consulted about my condition. I therefore would not hesitate to recommend Steve and Hallamshire Physiotherapy in Broomhill to anyone needing the services of a physiotherapist.

Nicola H


Having been left with Spinal problems following Hip Replacement Surgery and requiring physiotherapy treatment, I can thoroughly recommend ‘Hallamshire Physiotherapy Clinic’ at Broomhill for their friendly, efficient and professional service. I was in constant pain, mentally depressed, unable to walk without the aid of crutches, but after intensive physio I am now able to walk unaided and improving all the time. This is due to the expertise, encouragement and advice of my physio, Ruth Newsome. She was my lifeline and gave me the mental support when I needed it most. For all she has done for me, both myself and my husband can never thank her enough.

Barbara Hancock


I visited Hallamshire Physiotherapy with a back problem. I could not turn over or get out of bed without excruciating pain. I was shown how to do these without pain on my first visit and after another one, how to manage my back by using it correctly when doing housework and gardening.

It was a very informative and relaxing experience and I would recommend Hallamshire Physiotherpy without reservation. Thanks to all concerned.

Mrs K M Kay


Dear Steve and all staff at the Hallamshire Physiotherapy.

I would like to say a very big thank-you for all the help, advice and the brilliant service I have received over the last ten months. I hobbled into your consulting rooms in December 2007. I was in constant pain, could barely walk 50 metres, used a mobility scooter and walking stick and took a considerable amount of pain relief. From the first consultation I felt empowered to do more! You gave me the knowledge and confidence to go on.

After the first few visits my confidence soared and I felt able to lead a better life with greater mobility. In ten months you have enhanced my life to the extent that I have considerably reduced my pain relief, my mobility is very much improved and I feel normal!

You were all so very helpful and professional. I have have recommended you to friends, colleagues and anyone I think would benefit from your services.

Thank-you very much.

Linda Bedford


I like the optimistic and realistic, down to earth approach you get from the therapists: I come away knowing what I need to work on in the knowledge there are people who can help me to get back to my activities. Thank you.


I had a proper examination which was certainly lacking in another practise I had been treated in and had complete confidence in the results of that and the treatment and advice I was given.


I was shown how to correct my posture and experience the difference it made to pain I had been experiencing and it gave me more confidence to do the exercises at home.


I can not thank Steve and the staff at Hallamshire Physiotherapy enough. Appointments were fitted in around my work etc and the treatment I received was excellent. It quite literally has changed my life, at last I can wear heels! Thanks again.



I expected to receive hands on treatment for my condition and, although I did receive this, the main treatment was by discussion, asking questions to understand cause and change of posture, stretching and walking styles. I would not hesitate to recommend Hallamshire Physio and Steve Hodgson in particular.


I have seen many different physios and specialists over the years but this is the first place to cure my problems not just make them bearable.


I have been really impressed by the clinic, in both treatment and care. Thank you.


Thank you for making my life easier now that I am pain free after 15 years of back problems. Excellent service.


A quality professional service.


Restored me to normality when I had begun to fear that would not be possible.


Thank you for helping me to get better!


I’ve always turned to Steve at the first sign of a bad injury and he’s always managed to fix me quickly. I’ve also recommended him to a large number of active friends.

Matt Heason


I am highly delighted with the help and attitude of the clinic. It really is second to none. Keep up the good work, I for one really appreciate it. Thank you.


My treatment at Hallamshire Physiotherapy is giving me the knowledge, confidence and skills to make the improvements I need to my mobility. I no longer feel that treatment is being ‘done to me’ but I am at the centre of a partnership that is making sense and getting the results I didn’t think were possible.



I had intermittent but intense foot and ankle pain, which I’d assumed was from ramping up the mileage too quickly. Steve was able to show me how different underlying factors were combining to cause my pain, and give me ways to address them. Result: I can now run pain free. Not only that, he also reshaped my running action to cut down impact and improve efficiency. A brilliant combination of insight and practical advice. I would unreservedly recommend Hallamshire Physiotherapy to anyone with a sports-related injury.



Leg pain not improving

In November 2013 I woke one morning unable to walk. The pain in my lower leg was agony. I used the furniture to get about the house and a walking stick if I went outside. A visit to the doctor ended in an appointment with the GP physiotherapist who gave me some exercises for my knee.

After three visits I was no better and was told to carry on with the exercises as there was nothing else they could do for me, but if things got worse I was to contact my doctor. The exercises given to me had not helped the pain in my lower left leg and by January I was also not sleeping very well.

/Users/stevehodgson/Pictures/iPhoto Library.photolibrary/Masters/2013/10/20/20131020-190836/IMG_0604.JPG

I have always led an active life doing several long walks during the week without any mobility problems. It just did not make sense and I could not accept it.

I decided to get a second opinion from a physiotherapist I had been to see some years previously. His diagnosis was that the pain in my leg was caused by the nerves in my leg and flexibility in my back and prescribed exercises to stretch my back and manipulated the nerves in my leg. He worked to correct the bad habits I had fallen into since my inability to walk. He told me there was nothing wrong with my knee. I have had three appointments with the new physiotherapist and each visit I have noticed an improvement.

The first visit I learned how to use my body correctly to prevent pain, the second visit I learnt how to walk correctly as I was using my good leg to compensate. Now I walk free of pain and I sleep better, have more energy and have got my life back.