A recent review of Women’s health service (October 2021).


I had an appointment this evening at 5.30pm with Charlotte Pearson, due to a gynaecological prolapse and wanted to offer a review of her service; I was apprehensive prior to my appointment, purely due to the nature of the issue I have and anticipation of what the appointment may entail.
Charlotte instantly made me feel at ease with her professionalism and interest in the appointment.  She was very balanced in her approach and attributes.
She listened to my concerns and despite knowing that I worked in the NHS, she made no assumption about my level of knowledge, and took time to illicit and provide information.
During the appointment I had an examination, and she instilled me with confidence and enabled me to feel completely comfortable, and engaged in the exercises, as a very natural and seamless part of the process.
This was an excellent appointment, and I would definitely give recommendations about the service I received. This was 5 star treatment, and I have come away feeling confident with a plan, and hopefully a positive outcome for my diagnosis and health.

Many Thanks