Karen Hodgson, Director at Hallamshire Physiotherapy Clinic discusses rehabilitation following a stroke.

A description of rehabilitation following a stroke and the potential to make significant improvement after the initial onset.

Does it matter if one leg is shorter than the other?

Steve Hodgson, Director of Hallamshire Physiotherapy, in Sheffield, discusses the effect, or not, of different leg lengths and its relevance to pain and ongoing problems. Apparent and ‘real’ variations in leg length are expalined and how many people have variations in leg length without experiencing pain.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy: Obstetrics

Vicky Keates specialist women’s health physiotherapist at Hallamshire Physiotherapy, Sheffield. discusses the potential problems during pregnancy and what physiotherapy can do to help. The previous you tube video discussed gynaecological problems.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy: Gynaecology

Vicky Keats discusses her role in the management and treatment of Gynaecological problems


Steve Hodgson discusses knee pain in the runner


Karen Stevens, specialist balance rehabilitation physiotherapist, discusses vertigo and treatment