Why exercise at the time of COVID-19?


If you don’t already know that exercise if good for our general health, you must be living on the other side of the moon.  If exercise was a medication the pharmaceutical companies would be fighting over the patent to make a fortune.  Unfortunately, exercise cant be taken as a tablet and needs active involvement.  Some people don’t like to move but they are the group who will achieve the most improvement: going from no activity to some, repeatedly shows the most improvement.


So living in the current Covid-19 restrictions; what does exercise offer us?  Well, exercise boosts metabolic health by burning glucose and reduces our risk of diabetes.  Strengthening muscles maintains function and limits falls risk.  Sleep improvements, in conjunction with better metabolic health, help boost our immune system.  This is highly relevant at the current time.


Taking deep breaths during exercise gives our respiratory system a welcome stimulus and helps recovery. Strengthening intercostal muscles/diaphragm is  great ‘prehabilitation’ if we need to recover.


Lastly, but not least, exercise is good for our BRAIN.  It helps reduces anxiety and lifts mood.  We make better choices with what we eat and drink (I know this as our fridge has started talking to me!).  Living with loved ones for a few days can be challenging even when you have a kind, thoughtful wife like me (she made me say this on threat of pain!).    Helping reduce stress levels is important and, once again, helps the immune system


Keep active and keep safe.



Steve Hodgson