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Cycling injuries

Cycling Services

We have highly experienced practitioners with an extensive knowledge base that are committed to giving you a professional service. We pride ourselves on providing high quality assessment, treatment, advice and rehabilitation.

We offer the following bike services:

  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Bike/rider set up


Cycling injuries

Unfortunately, due to gravity or repeated loads, all cyclists experience pain and discomfort. Most problems improve with time, but if they don’t we have the highly trained staff who will get you cycling again.

Common cycling problems include:

  • Shoulders/neck
  • Lower back and hips
  • Knee


Bike set up

Optimising your position on the bike will help improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries. Balancing how your body works to the demands of cycling is not straight forward and we too often see the effects of incorrect advice and set up.

Bike set up will:

  • Set the optimum riding position for you on the bike
  • Prevent or help treat injuries
  • Optimise your cycling position to maximise performance

Read more about our Bike Fit Sheffield service HERE

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