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Postural Phobic Vertigo

Postural phobic vertigo is when an individual suffers with dizziness and anxiety, leading to avoidance behaviour, often as a consequence of a vestibular disorder. It has been described as the most common form of dizziness in middle aged patients in dizziness units.

Anxiety disorders are common among patients with vestibular disorders. Cognitive-behavioural therapy is an effective treatment for anxiety disorders, and vestibular rehabilitation exercises are effective for vestibular disorders.

The diagnosis of postural phobic vertigo is based on 6 characteristics proposed by Brandt et al in 1996.

The diagnostic criteria are as follows:

1.     Dizziness and subjective disturbance of balance while standing or walking despite normal clinical balance tests

2.     Fluctuating unsteadiness for seconds to minutes, or momentary perceptions of illusory body perturbations

3.     Usually a perceptual stimulus or social situation as a provoking factor with a tendency for rapid conditioning, generalization, and avoidance behaviour

4.     Anxiety and vegetative symptoms during or after vertigo

5.     Obsessive-compulsive personality type, labile affect, or mild depression

6.     Onset frequently after a period of emotional stress, serious illness, or a vestibular disorder. Patients sometimes exhibit anxiety reactions.

We understand how disruptive and distressing vestibular conditions can be to peoples lives, both physically and mentally, and during our thorough assessment, we will look at you as a whole person and not just your condition. This way, we can truly understand the impact on your lives and how we best approach the management and treatment.

Our experienced clinicians will approach the session with empathy and understanding to make you feel as comfortable as possible and work with you to develop a strategy to regain your confidence and re-train your balance systems.

Call us on 0114 267 1233 to book an appointment with one of our specialist clinicians.

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