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Transverse Myelitis

Transverse Myelitis is an inflammatory response that causes damage to the spinal cord. This results in varying degrees of weakness, sensory alterations and autonomic dysfunction below the level of the damage.

Transverse myelitis is a rare disorder with approximately 4 new cases per million people per year are diagnosed. It can affect people of all ages however it is most common between 10-19 years and 30-39 years.

The effects of Transverse Myelitis can progress rapidly over minutes or may progress over a period of weeks. The effects seen will be dependent on the level of the spinal cord damage.

There can be a reduction or a complete loss of:

  • Sensation
  • Voluntary movement
  • Proprioception
  • Bladder and bowel function
  • Sexual function

There could also be issues with

  • Reduced ability to breathe deeply and cough
  • Pain
  • Muscular spasms

Physiotherapy Treatment

The Therapists at Hallamshire Physiotherapy can help you to reach your potential by treating the problems that arise from the diagnosis. Following an assessment you and the therapist will set goals for your rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy includes:

  • exercise and stretches
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Pain control
  • Minimising secondary complications
  • Provision of orthotics and other equipment
  • Advice on handling and positioning techniques
  • Teaching transfers and mobility
  • Breathing exercises
  • Referral to other health professionals

The aim of Physiotherapy is to assist you with in creasing function and independence to lead a fulfilling life.

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