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1. Osteoarthritis can be considered as ‘wrinkles on the inside’. As we age, our skin develops wrinkles due to the aging process. As we age, our joints also change – this is normal and happens to everyone. This does not mean our joints are wearing out though.

2. Countless research studies show that people with NO PAIN have ‘changes’ on x-ray suggesting Osteoarthritis. The graph shown on the chart below, shows the number of people with osteoarthritis seen on a scan, but all involved did not experience any pain.

3. Having Osteoarthritis can increase your chance of having pain, but does not directly increase your levels of pain. People can have osteoarthritis on an x-ray but not experience any pain, regardless of the extent of the changes.

4. Exercise is shown to improve pain levels and strength of muscles and joints in those with Osteoarthritis (Vincent and Vincent 2012). You just need to get the right amount of exercise and not do too much.

5. Physiotherapy works for the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Evidence suggests that Physiotherapy can reduce the need for surgery in those deemed suitable due to osteoarthritis, by 68-74%! (Ackerman et al 2020).

Reference: (guermazi et al 2012)

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