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I’ve got Parkinsons, but it’s not got me

A unique book of original poems by a group of five Sheffield people, all with Parkinsons, ‘parkies,’ who meet at a local exercise class called PD Warrior run privately by Hallamshire Physiotherapy Clinic.

This unique book has been described as moving, inspirational, down to earth, and relatable for people who have the condition and for their carers, family, and friends. The aim of the book is to increase awareness, and for those with the condition and their wider groups to share relatable experiences. The book explains how exercise and positivity can slow down the progression of the condition, leading to a better quality of life. In addition, all proceeds from book sales will go to the charity Parkinsons UK. Last but not least, producing the book has helped the group overcome the physical and mental challenges they face.

The PD Warriors who contributed poems to the book include Annie Lloyd Hyde, Andy B, Ann Mac, Roger and Lydia Lawrence.

Buy the Book

To order a copy of this book of poetry (all proceeds to go to the charity Parkinsons UK), select the quantity you require, complete the form below and pay by PayPal please. Your book(s) will be sent to you by Royal Mail.

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All proceeds from the sale of the poetry book go to Parkinsons UK

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