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Get BackUP is a spinal rehabilitation programme run in 4-weekly, 1-hour blocks to help improve your daily activities at home, work and leisure by managing your back pain. This is a supported progressive functional exercise programme and is a recommended approach by national and international guidelines as an effective way of managing Low Back Pain (LBP).


Our specialist spinal physiotherapist (Ruth Newsome) leads the group and is assisted by a technical instructor or physiotherapist to help you to progress your individual programme as well as discuss any problems that may arise.


Who is it for?

Anyone with back pain who feels it is significantly affecting their life and ability to do their usual activities and would like directed rehabilitation and exercise to increase their confidence in managing their back pain or returning to activity.

Prior to attending the group

You must have had at least one 1-hour individual appointment with Ruth to assess your back pain, agree goals and develop a personalised exercise programme.

You will be asked to complete a relevant questionnaire (nationally recognized for back pain). In addition, some simple physical tasks may be carried out. These will enable the therapist to assess your needs and to provide feedback on your progress.


These take place at The Therapy Centre, HP@863 which is situated at 863 Ecclesall Road South, Sheffield S11 8TJ.

There are parking spaces in front of the building, also parking in the Co-op retail car park next door. If you park at the Co-op you would need to purchase a ticket for your car for £1.

Wear something that you can comfortably exercise in as well as sensible footwear, for example trainers. Please bring a bottle of water with you.

People may be of different ages and abilities, but you will have your own programme to do at your own pace and level.

The sessions will have a maximum of 4 people and are non-competitive.

Each group runs for a maximum of 1 hour to enable you to complete your own exercise programme at your own pace and level.

You will be individually reviewed at each session by Ruth with the programme being modified and progressed as appropriate.

It is important to progress your programme gradually, build up your activity tolerance and continue to exercise between sessions.

If you feel uncomfortable with any part of the programme let a member of staff know.

Blocks will consist of 4 one-hour sessions.

Benefits of attending the sessions

  • To be better able to manage your symptoms
  • To enable you to continue to exercise independently with confidence.

After the 4-week block

We will ask you to complete the same questionnaire along with a feedback form at the end of the 4th session.

If you wish to continue with the back rehab group, you have the option of booking a further 4 weeks.

The staff will also be able to suggest options to continue with activity through local providers to support your back pain management in the longer term if you would like to do this.

You can be confident with Hallamshire Physiotherapy Clinic. Our outstanding reputation speaks for itself and all our high-quality ‘specialist’ treatments and exercise programmes you can trust.

Please call:

0114 267 1223

Alternatively, you can email us at: or try our live chat facility in the bottom corner of the website.


Feedback from patients who participated in the pilot Get BackUP group rehab sessions

“The Rehab exercise sessions were excellent in improving my back and leg pain.”

“The close supervision from Ruth (and the team) really helped to tailor the exercises to my specific needs. Working in a small group meant I had the benefit of a real hands-on approach and motivated me to to continue the exercises confidently in my own time.”

“The equipment and facilities were excellent and working closely with Ruth, I didn’t feel at all intimidated.”

“Ruth really encouraged me to push myself and created a safe and stimulating environment.”

“If you are thinking whether the group rehab is for you, I’d encourage you to go for it! I haven’t looked back and now have a tailored routine to continue and build strength.”

“it has been very enlightening.”

“Helpful and motivating instructors, the programme met my individual needs with the combination of exercise and individual consultation.”

“Enjoyed working in a small group, great camaraderie focus and encouragement.”

“Mood much better and confidence to move more and pain decreased.”

“Excellent experience, keep this group going!”

“It has helped me to understand better how to manage my back pain.”

“It has given me confidence to carry on doing the things I enjoy but had caused me pain in the past.”

“Lovely staff made me feel comfortable. I’m not looking for surgery now. I feel more positive about my back pain improving doing all I have done with the staff.”

“Helpful to be guided with exercises that I can try out and continue at the gym.”

To book an appointment with one of our highly skilled and approachable specialist therapists, call 0114 267 1223

Alternatively, you can email us at or try our live chat facility at the bottom of the page.
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