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Is pain affecting your life? All people at some stage experience pain and this results in us modifying activities, but most problems resolve within a short period of time. What do you do when pain and loss of function continues? This is where a visit to the Hallamshire Physiotherapy clinic is necessary.

We specialise in problems that don’t get better and we provide treatment and give you the tools to get you back to full activity as soon as possible. We apply best research in all our treatment and you will not be subjected with passive treatments (electro therapy, acupuncture and manipulation) that show no longterm benefit in chronic problems. We explain why you have a problem, what you can do about it and how you can start regaining your life again. Activating you and changing how you view your problem is key to successful recovery. We see people on average 4 to 5 sessions before discharge as we think you have better things to do that visit physiotherapy clinics.

Pain killers not working?
Pain killers are great for acute pain but once the pain continues for months, or even years, they lose their effectiveness and the side effects seems to cause more problems than the pain. Unfortunately, one in seven adults in the UK live with chronic (pain that lasts longer than 3 months) and this effects the quality of their lives and that of their families.

Why does some pain continue after the injury has resolved?
The causes of chronic pain are complex but following an injury we compensate by changing how we use our body to minimise the pain. These altered patterns of movement are learned and can cause ongoing stresses on the body which maintains the pain long after the original tissue has healed. For example, after breaking a leg we limp due to the pain and this altered walking pattern continues well after the fracture has healed.

Another mechanism for developing pain is the body’s highted respons to the pain onset. We have evolved to focus on pain and change behaviour as a survival mechanism. The brain will learn pain with certain activities and it increases its sensitivity to certain movements. This ‘sensitivity’ of the tissues will spread and it is not uncommon for people to start experiencing pain remote from the original site. If we  spend longer resting and stop working or participating in sports or playing with grandchildren our mood will, understandably, detereriorate and we can become anxious about the future This is normal. All pain is real and pain should be viewed as the brains attempt to protect us but this over protection can disable us.

What can we do?
Most people we see have seen many health professionals before and had varying degrees of success. Many have seen physiotherapists before and are reluctant to try again. This is no surprise as why try treatment that has failed so far. We are different and our approach is driven by research and new ways to change chronic pain.

What do we do?
We spend an hour assessing you and get to really understand how pain effects your life and what you want to return to. The body is remarkably strong but sometimes we only hear the negative explanations for our pain e.g degenerative discs, ‘wear and tear’. This will naturally frighten us and produce more guarding of painful joints and more pain. The body needs movement and loading for normal function.


Jack with spine of “70 year old” makes great improvement.  

Breaking out of this vicious circle of pain and rest
Explaining why you have pain and what the underlying mechanism is to your problem helps reduce fears and starts the process of rehabilitation. Changing how you view your body and giving you a positive message for a change is vital. Changing how you use your body helps to gradually increase  activity levels gradually and get you focused on the things you want to do again.

Rehabilitation is not easy but done well it can succeed when other treatments have failed. We believe it gives you the best chance of leading a normal life again, but don’t take our word for it. See what other people have said about their experiences of Hallamshire Physiotherapy clinic on our web site. We are proud of our reputation and it is probably why we so many health professionals. Your body is more robust than others would have you believe and most people can helped. Don’t delay make an appointment today and see how you can change.

We also make rehabilitation fun!